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Dětské hříště

Rozšířiil jsme dětské hříště.

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Vynovili jsme venkovní ohniště.

11.08. 21 | 17:07

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Rozšíření plochy

Zvětšili jsme venkovní parkovací plochu a postavili jsme na ní novou pergolu.

11.08. 21 | 17:06

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Nová fasáda

10.01. 15 | 17:47

Arnultovice find perhaps 1 km from cities Hostinné, where every year first week in August does grande pilgrimage. . In summer months further you can visit Zoo court kings. ZOO safari is biggest Zoo in Czech republic and at the same time lines among most considerable Zoo in Europe. In summer period is in running safari parkthat the they may visitors see through on foot or by bus.Yearly are opens pavilions "Aviform and Water World".

If do you like nature you can visit Adršpašsko-teplické mountains, that are from our boarding - house distant perhaps 35 kilometres. In the surrounding 15 kilometres find two bathing establishment. Bathing establishment Trutnovand Bathing establishment in Dvůr Králové nad Labem.

in winter months you can visit nearest ski slope 8 km in Mladé Buky or Špindlerův Mlýn, or snowpark in Hertvíkovice. Also ascent of highest mountain Snežka, can be exquisite trip. On Snežka you can on foot or funicular.

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